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Napa Valley Serums and Yountville Serums is family-owned and operated in Yountville, CA. Since moving to the Napa Valley in 2005 with her infant son, Jennifer has been formulating a skincare line made orgaincally and with locally grown botanicals from the Napa Valley, California USA, home of renowned agricultural achievenments.  Jennifer wanted only pure ingredients to use on her newborn, and there is began.  Her background and extensive career and a skincare line developer under Dr. Brent Moelleken MD FACS in Beverly Hills gave her the inspiration to develop this exclusive line of products.  These products are naturally vegan, pure, organic and highly potent! 
Jennifer age 32
Jennifer, age 48
Committed to helping our largest organ, our skin, reach it's optimum health for both beauty ~*~ and for maintaining a strong overall immune system.