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Yountville Serums ® 1885 Larkspur Street, Yountville, Ca. 94599
 High Potency Cell Renewal
     We make cutting edge skincare products with our patent pending method of naturally distilling essential oils from locally grown botanicals that are extracted, fermented and then handmade in small batches using nature's finest ingredients and only the purest water from Yosemite Valley.  Our essential oils are water distilled using a patent pending process that is done exclusively in Napa Valley, California.  These products use highly concentrated 100% natural ingredients making this luxurious line of total body skincare products.  Our proprietary main ingredient "Yountville Serum" is the base product of our line of products.  Our skincare is designed to smooth, brighten, exfoliate, purify, heal, and even skin tone.  Our products are always guaranteed to contain no preservatives, surfactants or artificial fragrances.  We are dedicated to the environment and to supporting our local economy.  CEO of Napa Valley Serums  Jennifer Spalding, is the former wife of Beverly Hills Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brent Moellekn MD FACS (as seen on TLC's Plastic Wives, Celebrity Makeovers and Dateline NBC).  Jennifer has a proven career in creating cutting edge anti aging skincare products.  Jennifer is now living in the Napa Valley with her son, where she sells her skincare line.  She passionately formulates highly potent, safe, pure, effective, anti-aging formulas.  Each product is designed to cleanse, smooth, brighten, purify, detoxify, even skintone, hydrate and beautify the skin. 

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"5 Star delicious for skin, head to toe." ~BeautyReviews.com 

CEO  J e n n i f e r  S p a l d i n g
My products are handmade using 
unaltered pure ingredients made by 
Mother Earth herself. Our serums 
are designed for effective skin lightening 
and they are organically powerful for 
exfoliation, hydration, cell renewal and 
overall anti-aging for our skin.  We are 
always 100% sulfate free, paraben free 
with no preservatives, fragrances 
chemicals or any kind or coloring.  
I guarantee that every single ingredient is 
sourced locally right here in the 
Napa Valley.  Made from the  most potent, 
and the purest ingredients on earth. 


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